Rail Strike!

Lady Mary’s diary: Sept 24th 1918

I hear tonight of a railway strike, no Great Western trains running. These traitors should be shot


Treasonable strikers

Lady Mary’s diary, Wednesday 25th September 1918

Anxiety relieved about treasonable strike by letters arriving only two hrs late and newspaper. To Trotman’s for tea, the happy Owen and his handsome wife. One fine peach which I gave to Mrs Kitson.


Strikers Pelted

Lady Mary’s diary: Sept 27th 1918

Railway strikers at Dorchester pelted by the wounded Tommies - serve them right. To Stoke Abbot in pony cart with Mrs Russell to call on handsome Mrs Owen who has transformed poor Owen into a human being.

Saturday Sept 28 So many Victories thank God, can’t take them all in - all along the Western line N to S, Belgians, us, the French, the Americans. 40,000 Turks prisoners in Palestine, Bulgaria wishing to resign. The news is simply splendid

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