Old Blockade

Old Blockade - by a boy at Dartmouth

Observe how doth the British Navy

Baulk the Bavarian of his gravy

While the fat Boche from Köln to Munick

Cannot expand to fill his tunic.

While Austrians in East Falicia

Remark (in Czech) we cant stand this ‘ere

Retreating hordes in Mesopotamia

Reply (in Kopt) it’s just the same here

And hungry Kurds cry “do not ask us”

What stuff shall they eat in Damascus

We know they’re chewing curried horse, or

Still nastier things from Plock to Warsaw

But what our Government to us chuck

Is worse that what they get at Rustchuk

Their beer is growing daily weaker

(It stops just north of Salonika)

and the fat Boche from Pomerania

Afflicted with potato mania

Expects to get the same in Groduo:

And does he get it? O Good Lord no!


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