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Singing Paint
an American artist in Dorset
In this film we have created a sense of place, as John does in his paintings, but this is his place, the land he rests in, the land he worked in.

Landscape painter John Hubbard’s fascination with areas between the sea and the land is the inspiration behind his exhibition - ‘Littoral: John Hubbard in context’ at the Luther W Brady gallery in Washington during early summer 2013.

The American-born painter who has lived in Dorset most of his life, is an abstract impressionist - his work is inspired by nature but largely abstract. It is internationally shown in galleries and exhibitions, and locally in Dorset County Hospital where several paintings are on permanent display.
For the Washington exhibition, ScreenPLAY artists Sharon Hayden and Alastair Nisbet were commissioned to make a short film about the artist, his process - and quirkily, his singing.

Assistant gallery director Olivia Kohler said the film had been a big hit with visitors. “People found it fascinating to learn more about where he lives and how he works. His singing was quite a revelation.”

Gallery Director Lenore Miller added: “What makes an artist English or American is in the eye of the beholder,” “Artists tend to absorb the landscapes they observe.”
In oils and charcoals inspired by abstract expressionism, John Hubbard captures both tranquil and temperamental sides of coastal scenes.

"What makes an artist English or American is in the eye of the beholder"

Lenore Miller

In softer oils, he explores the coolness of Porthmeor Beach in St. Ives.

He evokes the reflection of light on rushing waters in pieces like “Luminous Water” and “Emerging Yellow,” characterized by warm golden tones atop bursting blues and greens.

 “When he works on paper, with charcoal or oils, he offers the viewer a direct and fresh experience of the place where sea meets the shore.”
Marlborough Fine Art
Luther Brady Gallery

"Walt Whitman once wrote: Maybe the things I perceive, the animals, plants, hills shining and flowing waters, the skies of day and night, colours, densities forms, maybe these are only apparitions and the real something has yet to be known"

John Hubbard

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"This painting is an evocation of what happens between the sea and the land, what happens under the sea, the bay emptying and filling and emptying and filling again with water….."

John Hubbard