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International audience for Jigsaw the Movie

Primary school pupils from Weymouth are the cast and crew of a new film which will be used across the UK and abroad to train teachers to deliver a new social and emotional learning programme.

Jigsaw the Movie is the result of a term’s work by a group of year six children at St John’s CE Primary, supported by filmmakers from ScreenPLAY.

Co-director Jed, aged 11 explained: “It’s a drama documentary with Jigsaw cartoons linking the scenes. We wrote a script for the drama and drew storyboards - then acted them out to develop the lines, before filming them.”

The young filmmakers filmed Jigsaw lessons with three different year groups and an assembly then intercut the documentary with their drama. ScreenPLAY’s music producer Mickey Wills worked with young musicians across the school to create the soundtrack.

Filmmaker and dramatherapist Sharon Hayden said the children had gone through a training process in both filming and mindfulness. “Because Jigsaw is a mindfulness programme, we started each workshop day with a physical warm up. Then we played the Jigsaw chime for a period of deep breathing, relaxation mindful meditation to get them in the right frame of mind for work, to slow them down and centre themselves.”

Filmmaker Alastair Nisbet added: “The group used improvisation and drama techniques to devise their story and then filmed, photographed, and audio recorded the whole school in a very sensitive way. Over the course of the term, our filmmakers grew into a strong unit, who could set up a scene and then film and audio record it like professionals. We are very proud of them.”
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Jigsaw the Movie
Isolated and ignored in the playground, Megan the new girl from Wales is having a tough day at school - and things are about to get worse.
As her thoughts turn to stealing, she discovers that everything she does has consequences.

The film, part drama part documentary, by year six children at St John’s Primary School looks at the social and emotional learning programme Jigsaw through the eyes of the children taking part.
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Radio stars: BBC reporter Charlotte Foot interviews our year six film team from Jigsaw the Movie for Radio Solent’s Breakfast in Dorset on 103.8 FM and DAB.
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How Jigsaw children prepare for learning
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Behind the scenes: Our year six filmmakers in conversation with ScreenPLAY artist Sharon Hayden. HD version on Vimeo
A touch of Hollywood: St John’s pupils Anish and George celebrate with Oscar at the Premiere (click for slideshow)
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Creating the soundtrack: ScreenPLAY music producer Mickey Wills worked with instrumentalists from years three, four, five and six to create the music for Jigsaw the Movie.

Guitarists, keyboard players, recorder players, drummers and a string section all worked together laying down tracks one by one for the film's three main themes - not forgetting the all important DJ scratch !
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Circle from a Square is a music video by children at St Andrews Primary School in Weymouth. Five ScreenPLAY artists worked across the school on song, dance, animation and movement for the film which will be used as a teaching resource across the UK and abroad by Jigsaw PSHE.