Stories that take you into nature - and into your heart

The woods are full of stories. Walk with us and listen.
ScreenPLAY invites you on a wellbeing journey through the woods at Thomas Hardy’s Birthplace. Plug in your headphones, point your phone camera at the QR code to launch and click on Mr Hardy, Mrs Hardy or any icon to listen.
Rites of Way with Mr Hardy has been developed in partnership with the Thomas Hardy Society and Dorset Council, with funding from the Heritage Lottery, Dorset Council and the Gulbenkian Rural Fund.

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Zap the QR code or click for a link

Rites of Way with Mr Hardy is a guided walk on time trodden paths. It is a journey into nature and into ourselves.
Listen to the woods, to the birds, to the wind in the trees, and the crunch of the leaves. When you have found that still place inside you, listen to stories we have curated.
Let Thomas Hardy’s words and the Celtic tree tales heighten your feelings about this place. Let yourself feel each character’s feelings, and have a deeper connection with the ancient stories of the trees.

Connect with feelings of joy, sadness and remembering, to take you deeper inside yourself. Doing so in the ancient woodland anchors those feelings in a special place, allowing you to return and experience them again in a safe way.
Listen again and find deeper meanings and connections, even at home in your armchair.
We are the creators of our journey.
We decide which path to take.

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Podcasts from the wood through the seasons

Why green is good

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Dramatherapist and ScreenPLAY artist Sharon Hayden discusses why green spaces make us feel relaxed, help us reduce our stress and anxiety and generally make us feel better about ourselves. Click the audio to play and the images below to enlarge. Original music by Bonnie Schwarz and Pete Shaw. Next: The Hazel Coppice
Sharon Hayden: your woodland guide
The Roman Road
June: every shade of green in the wood
Sit by the pond in June and watch the grass snakes in the water
A twisted tangle of vines
Be still for a while and some friends may pass by
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