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ScreenPLAY Co-Director Sharon Hayden is a practicising Dramatherapist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. The techniques she has developed over many years are at the heart of our work.

This dramatherapy approach to participatory filmmaking is a distinctive feature of our projects. Using skilled facilitators, we create a safe space for participants and enable them to tell their stories through drama, art and film.

The need for our work is supported by academic research. Emotional health in childhood is the most important contributing factor in young people’s future satisfaction and happiness in life, according to Profession Richard Layard and the Wellbeing research project at the London School of Economics (What Predicts a Successful Life - A Life-Course model of Well-being, Economic Journal Nov 2014).

Sharon has her own independent practice, running Dramatherapy sessions with a variety of people in a range of different settings.
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A dramatherapy session in progress in school

So what is Dramatherapy all about ?
At its heart, Dramatherapy is about understanding and sometimes uncovering our feelings.
Dramatherapy sessions use games, movement, acting, story telling and other activities to create a space for participants express themselves.

Sometimes as individuals we make up a story and create a myth about past events in our lives which is different from the truth we feel deep inside. Dramatherapy can help unravel these myths and understand the truth about our feelings. That in turn can lead to improved behaviour, increased self-esteem and other positive outcomes.
Sharon is experienced in developing stories with children with special educational needs, creating a safe, relaxing environment in which children can play and express feelings.

To find out more about Dramatherapy, drop Sharon a line using the Contact us tab on the left.