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Companions of the Clouds

Companions of the Clouds is an outdoor site specific performance devised by Millstream Theatre for Wimborne's Priest's House Museum in partnership with Persuasion Arts, State of Play Arts and ScreenPLAY.
First performed in August 2017 as part of the Sting in the Tale festival of stories.

In confusing and dangerous world, Selena requires courage and creativity to complete her quest.
What are these creatures she meets and how can they help her?
Can she summon the courage to go into her late grandfather’s shed – and what will she find there ?
Can Selena conquer her fears and defeat the dragon lurking in wait for her?

With the help of the Companions of the Clouds, she might just make it…
A mixture of drama, movement and animation, Companions of the Clouds includes an installation - Grandfather’s Shed – where the actors interact with Grandfather's ghostly appearance.

The show springs from the enchanting atmosphere of the Priest’s House Museum, as perceived by the Millstream Theatre members, supported by local theatre and filmmakers - Tam Gilbert, Tony Horitz, Gill Horitz and Alastair Nisbet.
Millstream Theatre is an adult company of actors with learning disabilities from East Dorset and beyond, who meet on Saturday mornings to create original storytelling and drama at the Priest’s House Museum.

The ongoing project is funded by Arts Council England, Wimborne Rotary Club and East Dorset District Council.